Pre Bridal Package | Iksana Wellness
Pre Bridal Package | Iksana Wellness
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Shape | Iksana Wellness

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Founder and Director of Iksana wellness

Dr. Aparajita Lamba


Embark on a journey of extraordinary skin care with the esteemed Dr. Aparajita Lamba, a distinguished alumna of VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital and a personal warrior against acne and PCOS. Renowned for her expertise in dermatology and aesthetics, Dr. Lamba specializes in delivering unparalleled, results-oriented care. Elevate your skin's well-being with the gracious touch of Dr. Lamba's expertise

Our Bridal Result

Experience Transformative Results: Unleash a New You with Exclusive World-Class Treatments by Dr. Aparajita Lamba.

Pre Bridal Package | Iksana Wellness

Pre Bridal Package

Prep for your Big Day with our specially Curated Pre Bridal Treatment Package

Here’s why you should choose Iksana's Pre Bridal Packages

Step into the luxurious realm of our dermatologist-designed Pre Bridal Packages, meticulously tailored for the discerning brides of Iksana. Nestled within the serene confines of our clinic, we offer an unparalleled sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of indulgence as our expert team caters to your every need with the utmost attention to detail.
Our commitment to hygiene is unwavering, ensuring a pristine environment for your peace of mind. Experience the epitome of elegance and emerge with a radiant glow, ready to grace your big day with unparalleled confidence. Welcome to the best place for bridal pampering, where dreams are realized and beauty reigns supreme.

Laser Hair Reduction | Iksana Wellness

Laser Hair Reduction

Eliminate Unwanted Hair from your Face, Legs, Chin, Back, Arms, Underarms, Bikini Line, and any other areas.

Hollywood Facial | Iksana Wellness

Hollywood Facial

Helps in having Glowing Skin and aids in the Removal of Tan, Pigmentation, and Acne Spots.

Body Polishing | Iksana Wellness

Body Polishing

Get Full-Body Exfoliation that Removes Dead Skin Cells, Promotes Cell Regeneration & Moisturizes Skin.

Insta Bright Facial | Iksana Wellness

Insta Bright Facial

A Quick and Effective Treatment that Tightens, Brightens and Hydrates Your Skin, Making You Look Younger.

Photo Facial | Iksana Wellness

Photo Facial

Best for Repairing Sun-Damaged Skin and Brightening

Morpheus | Iksana Wellness


Assists in Skin Tightening, Reducing Wrinkles, Fading Acne Scars, and Enhancing Skin Texture.

Tailored made packages specially for the Brides of Iksana

A client-oriented approach, dedicated to surpassing your expectations at every turn

Customize | Iksana Wellness

Highly Qualified Specialists

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure our clinics are safe for both our clients and staff because your safety is our priority.

Best Safety Precautions

We have a highly qualified, and enthusiastic team of dermatologists, cosmetologists and highly trained and experienced technicians.

Perfect Quality Materials

We Ensure our products are of high quality to bring to you the very best personalised treatment also can have the best result at an affordable cost.


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Best Skin Clinic in Delhi

At Iksana wellness , our name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Ikshana’ meaning “to provide care,” which encapsulates the very essence of our clinic. Our facility is not merely another healthcare center but rather our passionate dream. Every aspect, from selecting the finest treatments to designing a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, has been meticulously crafted.

Dr. Aparajita has always provided additional support to her patients since she recognizes that skin problems can impact one’s mental health. Such issues can erode self-esteem and cause feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, when she met her partner, Dr. Arun, who is a mental health expert, decided to establish a one-of-a-kind wellness center that addresses people’s needs in a holistic manner.

Our aim is not only to offer the finest treatments available in India, but also to assist you in discovering your inner strengths. We guarantee that regardless of your initial mood, after experiencing Iksana, you will leave with a beaming smile on your face.

Clinic | Iksana Wellness
Shape | Iksana Wellness
Shape | Iksana Wellness

Curious Minds Want to Know ?

Iksana Wellness is located in P4, Hauz Khas Enclave, Delhi

Iksana Wellness believes in holistic approach where you can expect what you’re skin needs. A complete skin care, hair care and body care solutions.

IKSANA has a variety of globally acknowledged world class treatments that are US-FDA approved to meet your specific needs. Our services include treatment of Acne and Acne Scars, Pigmentation, Anti-Aging Solutions, and Laser Hair Removal, Hydrafacials and other Medi-Facials that are safe and clean to your skin. We are committed to helping you achieve your skin care goals and enhancing your natural beauty.

The team at Iksana Wellness consists of highly experienced and skilled dermatologists who are dedicated to providing exceptional care. Our doctors are experts in their field and will ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

Our chief dermatologist Dr. Aparajita Lamba MBBS MD (She’s an Acne Management expert and an international injector supervise and performs several treatments in the clinic.)

We regularly offer special promotions and discounts on our skin treatment packages, providing great opportunities for savings. Stay tuned to our latest offers so you can enhance your skincare journey while enjoying fantastic value.

Pre-bridal skin treatments include facials, peels, and hydration to ensure radiant skin for your wedding day.

Body polishing is a popular Pre Bridal Treatment that involves exfoliating the skin to achieve a smoother and more even complexion. It's a great way for brides to ensure their skin feels as flawless as their face on their special day.

The best bridal facial depends on your skin type and concerns. Hydrating, oxygen, and LED light therapy facials enhance radiance. For optimal results, schedule your facial at least two days before your wedding to ensure closed pores for a flawless makeup application.

A Pre Bridal Skincare Routine involves a series of treatments, such as monthly facials, chemical peels, and body treatments, spaced out over several months. This, combined with a dedicated at-home skincare regimen, ensures your skin is at its best for your wedding day.
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