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Venusia Ureka 100gm


Anti-itch Moisturizing Cream

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Venusia Ureka Exfoliating & Anti-itch Moisturizing Cream is an innovative formula designed for dry and thick skin. Combining the powerful benefits of Urea, Pramoxine, Allantoin, and Phytosqualan, this cream provides triple action: hydration, exfoliation, and itch relief. It effectively exfoliates and repairs the skin, offering quick relief from itchiness within 3-5 minutes. Enriched with Shea Butter, it deeply moisturizes and soothes scaly and dry skin, making it ideal for daily use.

  • Provides triple action: hydration, exfoliation, and anti-itch
  • Exfoliates and repairs the skin with Urea and Allantoin
  • Offers quick relief from itchiness in 3-5 minutes with Pramoxine
  • Deeply moisturizes and soothes scaly and dry skin
  • Suitable for dry and thick skin
Direction for use
  • Apply a generous amount to clean, dry skin.
  • Gently massage until fully absorbed.
  • Use twice daily for best results.


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