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Our Clinic
Holistic Wellness Solutions
What’s our story ?

Honesty. Compassion. Trust.

At Iksana wellness , our name is derived from the Sanskrit word  ‘Ikshana’ meaning “to provide care,” which encapsulates the very essence of our clinic. Our facility is not merely another healthcare center but rather our passionate dream. Every aspect, from selecting the finest treatments to designing a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, has been meticulously crafted.

Dr. Aparajita has always provided additional support to her patients since she recognizes that skin problems can impact one’s mental health. Such issues can erode self-esteem and cause feelings of inadequacy. Therefore, when she met her partner, Dr. Arun, who is a mental health expert, decided to establish a one-of-a-kind wellness center that addresses people’s needs in a holistic manner.

Our aim is not only to offer the finest treatments available in India, but also to assist you in discovering your inner strengths. We guarantee that regardless of your initial mood, after experiencing Iksana, you will leave with a beaming smile on your face.