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MD Psychiatry

Dr. Arun Singh

Dr. Arun Singh began his education in India before moving to England for his higher studies. He had already completed his MBBS and MD before further distinguishing himself by obtaining an MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. As a consultant psychiatrist, he dedicated over three years of service to the NHS, utilizing his skills and expertise to assist his patients.

Dr. Arun’s empathetic demeanor and soothing tone have a calming effect on the mind. He ensures that you are comfortable and at ease while taking your time to open up. Dr. Arun strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and sexual health issues by creating a safe space where his patients feel comfortable seeking help.

So, if something has been troubling you, don’t hesitate to have a friendly chat with our expert where the conversation itself has the potential to uplift your spirits.